Sponberg Yacht Design Inc. has expertise in many different kinds of craft, from dinghies to dream yachts, sail and power, in any material. The links below will take you to the various pages showing our most recent yacht designs and telling their stories. My first love is sailing yachts, but powerboats and motoryachts form a significant part of our business. Sometimes, a boat design for a custom client can be made available in stock plans for others to buy. Follow the links below and enjoy. If you see anything that sparks your interest in a new boat design for yourself, please let us know.




SYDI is the world's leading designer of sailboats with free-standing masts. In fact, you'll see a whole section of this website devoted to that subject alone. I seem to attract clients with a taste for boats with unusual features. I am not afraid to consider new and interesting ideas, particularly if the naval architecture to create such a boat requires a bit of innovation.



When I started SYDI, I knew I did not want to get type-cast into any certain type of design. A well-rounded naval architect should be able to design anything. I have been fortunate to attract clients with a taste for the past, such as for the classic-styled speedboats, as well as for adventure in the form of voyaging motoryachts. I have even been able to design some houseboats, a new branch of naval architecture that could potentially have considerable growth.


When I started doing stock plans for dinghy designs back when SYDI opened its doors, I quickly learned that custom yacht design brings in a lot more money than stock plans do. To make a worthwhile business in stock plans, you have to sell A LOT of study plans, and to do that, you have to buy A LOT of advertising. The income can balance out the costs, but you don't have much left for food. Nevertheless, these plans are for sale, and some of my custom designs, like Corroboree and Bagatelle, are available as stock plans.


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