Globetrotter 66

This is the largest cruising yacht in the Globetrotter stable, an aluminum 66' free-standing cat schooner for an owner in California. The G66 construction drawings are finished, and hopefully her building will begin soon. See the design story here.

Scandinavian Cruiser 20 & Scandinavian Dory 18

Scandinavian Cruisers enters the world market with two inaugural boat designs, smaller than the SC 40. They have been getting rave reviews from magazine editors and reviewers everywhere, and they will be making their debut at the Newport and Annapolis Boat Shows in 2010. These designs have classic design flair but modern performance.

Scandinavian Cruiser 40

This is the original SYDI-designed Boat-in-a-Box for Scandinavian Cruisers in China. The preliminary design is finished, but the builder is going to grow the company from the smaller designs first, up to bigger designs. The SC 30 will come next before the SC 40. To have a look-see at what's coming, view the plans and renderings here.

How to make boat hull patterns

SYDI now provides pattern services. Click here to see how it is done. We can make station patterns for hulls, keels, and rudders that can be printed full-size to Mylar or cut in plywood or metal by NC cutting machines. Three examples are shown describing how we can make pattern files in a few different ways.

Globetrotter 45

My latest cat-ketch design for extended cruising. This is the boat that I would like to have for my own. Follow the link to the version called Eagle which won the popular vote in a design competition.

Saint Barbara

The latest in wing-mast sloop design was for a Michigan client. Launched in 2008, she has more than met the owner's expectations for performance.


See the complete story on how Bagatelle came to be, complete with construction photos. This lightweight sloop is also available from stock plans.

Whatever happened to Project Amazon?

She was scrapped in 2011.


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